How To Use Wax Melts

What is a wax melt?
Wax melts are beautifully scented pieces of wax that release fragrance when heated. The wax will liquidise and the heat will release the aroma. Once the heat stops the wax will solidify and will be able to be reused again, until you can no longer smell the fragrance.  
How to use your wax melts.
We recommend you break off two pieces of your wax melt and place in your preferred burner. Please never leave your burners unattended or on whilst you are out. Keep burners and wax melts out of the reach of children and do not move the burner once lit. All our wax melts are clearly labelled with CLP labels which shows ingredients. 
Changing your wax melts.
Two pieces of our snap bars or one piece of our heart clam shells should last a minimum of 8 hours. When you can no longer smell the fragrance, you should change your wax melt. You can do this a few ways. With our wax it shrinks, this means that you can usually give it a push and it will pop out. If that fails then light a tealight so the wax starts to melt, it will then push out.